From the recording The Raggle Taggle Gypsy

I was inspired to record this by the title of Judith Gennett's Raggle Taggle Gypsy folk radio show on KEOS and then KPSU... she liked my mouthbow tunes and figuring out how to play the notes of the relative minor chord was a challenge. ..... Raggle Taggle Gypsy was the show's title and I had to learn how to play a minor chord on the mouthbow in hopes she'd use it on her show. The last verse is something new that I could not resist. 

We became friends, I was studying geology and Judith a geologist and a palynologist ... so we could email about science. 

Later, Judith moved to the Dalles in Oregon, so I'd see her in Seattle at the Folklife Festival on Memorial day weekend.
I'm studying sand, and one of Judith's professors from Texas is one of my most valuable correspondents. I met him via a recommendation from Judith....and she got me a carefully collected and documented sand sample from the Columbia Gorge at The Dalles, just the other side of the bridge......  

(Recorded at Skatebottom Sound, Juneau, Alaska by Albert McDonnell... John Palmes guitar, mouthbow and vocal recorded together... Albert McDonnell did that great bass part, and Tracy Bird was just fine on the bodhran)