1. Paw Paw Patch

This song only has two chords, the I chord built on the first third and fifth notes of the scale and the V chord built on the fifth, seventh and second notes of the scale.... so you only need to hit the harmonic for the 5th tone of the scale... it's at 1/3 of the string length and I play it as a harmonic with the middle finger of my left hand....

If you touch the string just lightly at about 1/3 of its length you will get the harmonic that gives you the fifth note of the scale... and the rest of the V chord.

The high bending harmonic note ...that buzzing whanging sound:... first you pluck the string while you lightly touch it to make the harmonic tone... then you take your finger off the string and it will continue to vibrate on that high harmonic note, then bend the bow lightly against your cheek and it bends the note.....Way cool sound and shows that the string continues to vibrate in segments, even though you took your finger away.