John Palmes


Mouthbow Music from John Palmes : NPR   This is a link to a review of the CD "Mouthbow: Small Voices that aired on National Public Radio's evening news show, All Things Considered, on March 14, 2005.



John Palmes is a singer/songwriter, biologist and fisherman from Juneau Alaska who also plays folk standards, original songs, gospel songs in Tlingit’ (a Native American language), rock, cajun, old-time, classical, jug band and reggae on fiddle, guitar and many others and is a stand-out on the world’s first stringed instrument, the mouthbow. He is a masterful collaborateur and investigator of the Darwinian evolution of folk tunes – tracking melodies such as the Flinders Island tune “Black Cat Piddled in a White Cat’s Eye” back to their source.


Alaskan singer/songwriter, mouthbow player, naturalist, fisherman and artist, John Palmes always presents something in a way that, even if it is familiar, he casts it in a whole new light. John's mouthbow workshop was fascinating and his irrepressible creativity was evident all through the festival from the concert in the Carmel Hall to the mobile in the Drill Hall.