John Palmes


Fishing in La La Land

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John Palmes
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You have to learn how to fish around other boats... there are sometimes more than 50 of us fishing on the same drag, so you have to keep up the pace, not too fast or too slow, and you have to fish in the right direction.... some drags are left hand, with the port side to the beach and some are right handed.

If you should happen to hook something then you have to learn how to get it into the boat without crossing somebody else up... and then you have to clean it, meanwhile keeping a sharp eye all around to make sure you aren't crossing somebody else up... 

Sometimes it's just easier to fish in la la land, that's out in water that's so deep you can't see the bottom on the fathometer. You don't catch much out there, but you don't have to watch out for anything either... "but even if you run away to outer space, there is no place that is perfectly safe"