John Palmes


Welcome to Juneau Alaska... or at least a little electronic part of it.... Everything here is free so take something and use it.

The best way to appreciate the mouth bow is to play it yourself. Make a mouthbow for a friend or to spice up your own music... It's a fine musical project for a child or a classroom too.

If you have questions, or if you're having any fun with any of this drop me a line.... 


This site is for distribution of songs and instructional materials from my workshop presentations:

How to make a mouth bow, How to Play the Appalachian mouth bow   Making_and_Playing_the_Mouthbow.doc,

Mouthbow (mouth bow), also called the musical bow, making and playing directions are under "MOUTHBOW" at the top of the page, examples are Ground Hog, Paw Paw Patch, and Bright Morning Stars are Rising.

Harmony Singing, finding parts, basic music theory for vocalists or instrumentalists  Harmony_singing_workshop.doc.